Fees Terms & Conditions

The Governors reserve the right to amend the fees as and when necessary. This will normally take place annually and parents will normally be given a full term's notice of any such amendments. All fees are payable on the first day of the term for which they are due.

  •     The Governors reserve the right to exclude a child from the school unless the previous term's fees have been paid in full. They also reserve the right to exclude a child from the school from half term unless the current term's fees have been paid.
  •     There is provision for payment of fees by direct debit over twelve months of the year. Parents in difficulty with fees need to speak to the Headmaster at the earliest possible stage.
  •     A fee reduction is given where three brothers/sisters are in the school simultaneously. Bursaries may be given to children of clergy, forces, emergency services or school teaching families. Applications for such bursaries should be made directly to the Headmaster. Where such bursary help is offered, this will be after parents’ financial circumstances have been assessed by means of a standard application form.
  •     The school cannot grant remission of fees for absence during term time.
  •     The school shall be at liberty to maintain records of information in relation to the pupil in human or machine readable form and (subject to the school’s giving notice of its intention to disclose the information referred to in this paragraph), where any fees remain unpaid at the time when the pupil leaves the school, the school shall be at liberty to disclose that fact and the amount in question to any other school which the pupil subsequently attends or to which an application is made for that pupil to attend.