News from the QHS Nursery

Nursery children have been practicing their funky finger skills to help them to become able writers
Nursery children sing ‘goodbye’ song as they released our newly hatched butterflies into the Nursery garden.
Nursery children have been learning about Diwali.
Nursery children rescue frozen animals in ice experiment.
The nursery children have been exploring mark making as part of their active learning time.
Quainton Hall Nursery children learning about healthy food choices.
At 11am, our Nursery children remembered Armistice Day.
Nursery have been busy preparing for Christmas as the countdown to their Christmas show begins.
Our Nursery children were pulling their own strings whilst engaged in their home-made production of a puppet show.
The Nursery in now open plan allowing a free flowing education with brand new facilities.
The latest in the press, is that ‘5 A Day’ is no longer enough to keep us fit and healthy.
The Nursery children had a fantastic day at Science Day as they got involved in some exciting experiments.
Our super Nursery Children turn into their favourite Superheroes for the day.
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