QHS supports healthy eating 

The latest in the press, is that ‘5 A Day’ is no longer enough to keep us fit and healthy. The Guardian recently quoted that ‘Eating 800 grams of fruit and vegetables a day can reduce a person's chance of having a stroke by a third, while the risk of heart disease can drop by around 24 per cent.  It may also help stave off cardiovascular disease and cancer, while the study found that if everyone followed the new rule nearly 8 million premature deaths could be prevented worldwide’.

While eating the now recommended ’10 A Day’ for adults may be easy (ish), as parents it may not be so easy to achieve this with our children.  Therefore, as a school, we are keen to promote, ’healthy snacks’, for morning break, taking a portion of vegetable- hot or salad style with their lunch and a ‘healthy’ snack for after school if attending clubs etc.

Here are a few ideas to help. Most high street chains of Supermarkets produce child size individual packs of fruits/veg these days. There are a host of ‘healthy’ snacks available too, in the form of colourful boxes and packets.
raisins web 
1. Small banana
2. Grapes
3. Blueberries, strawberries or other berries
4. Small apple
5. Dried fruits: raisins, apricots
6. Seeds and sultanas – NO NUTS OBVIOUSLY
7. Any other fruits the children like
hummus web
1. Baby carrots/carrot sticks
2. Cucumber slices
3. Snap peas
4. Cherry tomatoes
5. Baby corn on the cob
6. Peppers – good source of Vitamin C
Other ideas
1. Cereal bars –NON CHOCOLATE- NO NUT
2. Rice cakes
3. Cheeses like Babybel
4. Low fat yoghurt/ Frubes
5. Small brown bread healthy sandwich
6. Muesli bars – NON CHOCOLATE-NO NUT
yo yo bars web 
Chocolate bars
Fizzy energy drinks

Ms Campion, 16/10/2018