Chess Club 

Chess image webThe children in Tuesday's Chess club, took part in a tournament yesterday and here are the results!

Tiger did very well by coming 5th place and performed the best in P4.
Aditya came 4th on a tie-breaker- quite an accomplishment as he only joined this term and is improving constantly.
Neel came 3rd on a tie-breaker, winning most matches in convincing fashion.
Ankur came 2nd, he had a fantastic tournament - only losing one game and drawing with the tournament winner.  He is the best player in P3 and soon may be the best in the school given his rapid improvement.
Aryan stormed to a crushing victory - only drawing one match and winning all the others; I am very happy that this veteran chess player hasn't grown complacent and approaches each and every game with an overwhelming desire to win!
Congratulations everyone!
Mr Villiers

Mr Villiers, 05/12/2018