Issue 2 - 11 January

From the Headmaster 

Dear Parents,

We start the term by welcoming two relatively new members of staff.

Mr Odiatu will be teaching Geography from P5 to P8 in preparation for their 13+ exams. Mr Odiatu is an experienced Geography teacher and I know he will get the best out the children.

Miss Shah will be teaching Drama and Music to P3 and P4. Miss Shah is highly qualified in this field and for those of you who follow Stagecoach or Bollywood will know of her reputation.

It was lovely to see Mrs Kingsley in school yesterday. She will be ‘keeping in touch’ over the next few months in preparation for her return. I know the children in PP2 will benefit from having another teacher in the class.

We wished Mrs Williams farewell at the beginning of the week and since then I have had a number of parents enquire about the post of Receptionist. We are now advertising for the post which will be full-time from 9am – 4pm, with a lunch hour. If any parent is interested in such a role, please feel free to contact me directly or make an appointment with Mrs Aleksin-Shah to meet with me.

Please be advised that the Headmaster’s Briefing this year has been split in to two events to cater for the Pre-Prep and Prep School.  I will be giving feedback from the questionnaire along with various presentations from staff.  I do hope as many as possible of you can attend these evenings.  Personal invitations will follow next week.

Over the Christmas Holidays many of the children have had a haircut, and are looking rather smart. However, a small number (of the boys in particular) have had a shaved ‘Number 1’ or ‘Number 2’ cut, producing a ‘step’ effect, usually at the sides. We would request that this style of cut is not appropriate for QHS, so please don’t take your children to emulate those who are already partly shaved. Of course the shaved hair will
grow back before too long, so that will not be a problem for more than a few weeks.
Thank you for your co-operation.


P8 Assembly
Next Friday 18 January, our Prep 8 boys will be presenting our weekly assembly, on the theme of Holocaust Memorial. Any parents are most welcome to come along to that assembly (and will be invited to others which will be presented by other classes later in the term), which will start at 0840. These usually finish by 0900.

P3 and P4 letter home
P3 and P4 families should find their children bringing home a letter concerning the Walsingham and West Stow trip in March 2019. Please return the reply slips as soon as you can, so that we know who will be coming to our information meeting later this month.

P3 Shoeboxes
P3 will be making their own personal Aquarium models in their DT lessons during this term. Each child will need a cardboard box to house the sea-life they are creating; a shoe box or similar is ideal (30cm by 20cm by 10-20cm deep is fine). Please send these in during the next week or so, named please, to avoid any confusion!

P6-P8 Calculators
Children in P6, P7 and P8 have been asked to obtain scientific calculators for use in their maths lessons. Please would you make sure that these are bought soon, as the children will find them increasingly useful in lessons this term.

Post-Christmas Recycling
Some parents may soon be finishing the chocolates which they have had in those useful plastic tubs (Roses, Heroes, Quality Street etc.) over the Christmas holiday! As you finish the contents, could you recycle the tubs our way (to the office or direct to Mr Still) for forthcoming DT projects. Many thanks.

Un-Named Property
Mr Ellis was diligent last term in identifying property left around the school and returning labelled items to their rightful owners. However, he was latterly finding that an increasing number of items were not named, and could not be returned easily. Please take some time to ensure that any items which might be removed during the day (for Games or Swimming sessions) are correctly and securely named so that items can be
returned with a minimum of fuss. Of particular concern have been a number of unnamed outdoor coats, which must be leaving their owners rather cold now that winter has arrived. Please also ensure that the plastic name panel on your school games bag has a clear name inside – these being identical throughout the school leads to much confusion when many of the bags are anonymous! Thank you.

Coming Soon
A couple of immediate key dates to note are:

  • 14 January – Our first FQHS Event Planning Meeting of the term.
  • 25 January – Information Meeting for P3 and P4 parents regarding the trip to West Stow and Walsingham in March

This Term
A repeat of a few key dates to note are:

  • 31 January and 7 February – Headmaster’s Briefing Evenings
  •    8 February – Charity Fund-Raising Big Breakfast
  •    7 March – World Book Day – Dressing up as a favourite Book Character
  • 20 March – String Concert
  • 27 March – Inter-House Cross Country Races (PP2 to P8)
  • 28 March – Inter-House Music Competition (P3 to P8)
  • 29 March – End of Term Concert and Assembly.  Main School ends at 1200 Noon

Parents might like to change their work hours particularly for the events at the end of term: The Cross Country Races, the Inter-House Music Competition, and the End of Term Concert and Assembly.

Mike Still
Assistant Head (Administration)

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