Issue 3 - 18 January 2019

From the Headmaster

Dear Parents,

Friday morning started with a most poignant assembly on Holocaust Memorial.  P8 spoke with authority and respect for what is a very sensitive subject. This was a truly moving assembly and I would like to congratulate the P8 boys for their hard work at what is a very busy time of year for them.

The weather has certainly turned on us this week and we are expecting a serious chill to descend over the next few days. Please ensure that your child has suitable clothing such as hats, gloves and outdoor coats to protect them from the winter elements.

It is at this point in the year I need to remind you of the school’s closure notification procedure. In the event that the weather turns on us with heavy snow and ice, we will inform parents of a school closure via the School website and, where possible, with a recorded message on our answer phone.

We are always looking to improve our communication and one aspect we are looking at is informing the parents of the Senior Schools’ Assessment and Interview deadlines. Mrs Khan has produced a booklet for both 11+ and 13+, which we will send to parents of pupils in P5 and above next week. Please ensure that you are up to date with the deadlines as some schools close their registration very early.

If your child has taken an 11+-entry exam recently I would be most grateful if the parents could email me their child’s results. Some senior schools do not communicate with the Prep School and it can be frustrating not knowing what the outcome of the exam was. I am not going to ask the children directly so please email me.


Assembly Next Friday
Sarah Hope will be visiting QHS next Friday (25 January) to talk in our assembly about her Charity, Elizabeth’s Legacy of Hope, which we are currently supporting. Parents will be most welcome to hear about the wonderful work being done for child amputees in several countries. Assembly starts at 8.40, and lasts for around 30 minutes. Our forthcoming ‘Big Breakfast’ will add to the funds raised for this very worthy cause.

Swimming Hats
All pupils from P3 to P8 (boys and girls) are now required to wear swimming hats for their lessons in school. These are available from Mrs. Hawkins, at a cost of £4.50. Please email Lisa Hawkins to order one, and the cost will be added to your end of term invoice.

QHS Swim School
Mrs Hawkins and Mrs Evans write:
"All the children have settled back happily into their swimming lessons since being back from the holiday. We are happy to announce that the QHS SwimSchool got off to a fantastic start this Thursday evening. We have had a fantastic response all round. If you would like any more information on our Thursday evening or Sunday morning SwimSchool please feel free to contact us."

Clothing for Games
Mr Ellis writes:
"Please would parents ensure that their children are suitably kitted out for games. It is the coldest time of the year, and children have been coming to outdoor games dressed in t-shirt and shorts – not surprisingly they did not enjoy the experience! Children should be wearing a base layer or a school track suit in addition to the usual games kit. Gloves for games need to be rugby/cycling ‘mitts’ which have a gripping palm surface. Woollen gloves allow hockey sticks to slip, with possibly disastrous consequences! Thank you."

Following much hard work, more than 20 of our children will be taking their LAMDA exams this coming Tuesday. They will be covering aspects of Speech and Drama such as: Public Speaking, Solo Acting, Reading for Performance, and Verse and Prose Speaking. We wish them all the very best with these exams.

Headmaster’s Briefing Evenings
Invitations to these two events should have reached you on paper during this week. Please let me know if you need an electronic copy of this invitation. An email response to let me know if you intend to come along would be useful. The dates of the two evenings are given below.

Miss Nejad writes:
The U9 girls got off to a fantastic start this term playing netball against Reddiford. The Apples team won their match 4-1, Bananas won 1-0, Cats drew 1-1 and the Diamonds won 1-0. Well done to all who participated and thank you to all the parents who came to support the children as they played.

Pantomime? – Oh no it isn’t – Oh yes it is!
Next Monday 21 January we welcome back M and M Productions with their 2019 production of Robin Hood. We know the children will thoroughly enjoy all the ‘booing’ at the villains and of course shouting ‘behind you’ at the appropriate times. There may even be a little teacher involvement!?!

A message from Mr and Mrs Dar:
You may recall that last summer we held a DKMS drive to help a young pupil at St Helen’s School who was suffering from leukaemia find a donor. Late last year she found a donor, however she sadly contracted adenovirus and she passed away recently.

We would like to thank all the parents at Quainton Hall school all their support at the summer fair last year, a tremendous amount of awareness was raised for this cause, and we know that this pupil’s life brought a beacon of hope to other sufferers.  We know of at least one QHS parent who was able to be matched to a patient, and that in itself is incredibly valuable.

PPR Dinosaur ViSophie T-Rexsit
On Wednesday 23 January the Nursery, Reception and Pre-Prep children will be taking part in a Life Long Ago Workshop by Education Group, which brings prehistoric life into schools. In large sandboxes, the children will locate and identify fossils from some of the most iconic dinosaurs of the past. Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus, Triceratops and a few other surprises are all thrown in. The children will learn when each dinosaur lived, where they came from, what they ate and much more. The company provides all the fossils, the tools required and an expert to deal with all the burning questions from the young palaeontologists. This workshop is also being combined with a visit from Sophie, a seven-year-old animatronic T-Rex.

New Calendar Dates
These few additional dates are now on the website – added since the Parents’ Calendar was published last week.

  •    5 February (p.m.) – U9 Hockey v Reddiford (Away)
  • 26 February (all day) – PP2 trip to Shrek’s Adventure – South Bank, London
  • 20 March (all day) – PP1 trip to Windsor Castle
  • 24 March (6pm) – Chapel Choir Concert (Rehearsal from 3.30pm)

Coming Soon:
The most immediate key dates to note are:

  • 25 January – Information Meeting for P3 and P4 parents regarding the trip to West Stow and Walsingham in March
  • 31 January – Headmaster’s Briefing Evening (PPR to P3)
  •    7 February – Headmaster’s Briefing Evening (P4 to P8)

This Term
A repeat of a few key dates to note are:

  •    8 February – Charity Fund-Raising Big Breakfast
  •    7 March – World Book Day – Dressing up as a favourite Book Character
  • 20 March – String Concert
  • 27 March – Inter-House Cross Country Races (PP2 to P8)
  • 28 March – Inter-House Music Competition (P3 to P8)
  • 29 March – End of Term Concert and Assembly. Main School ends at 12 Noon

Parents might like to change their work hours particularly for the events at the end of term so they can join us: The Cross Country Races, the Inter-House Music Competition, and the End of Term Concert and Assembly.

Mike Still
Assistant Head (Administration)

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