Come Rhyme With Me
able writers workshop

Budding poets from Prep 3 and Prep 4 enjoyed a fantastic opportunity to learn about metre and rhyme from the famous comedy performance poet, Neal Zetter.

Held at Wealdstone Library, the theme for this year's workshop was 'Space and Food' and was part of the Able Writers programme

Accompanied by Mrs Alwaheidi, the children not only had a very enjoyable time - they  produced some excellent poetry.

Here are some examples - composed by individuals and in groups.  

All Alone on Mars - by Riya (P3)

Landing on Mars
Looking around 
Lots of craters and dust
Jumping to the edge
A large row of stunning planets
Feeling free
Floating like a balloon Mars

Landing on Mars
Looking around
Feeling very small
Getting a flag
Putting it down 

Landing on Mars 
Looking around 
Feeling very hot
Very stunning Earth rise

Landing on Mars 
Looking around
Lots of ash
The smell of burning fills the air
Igneous rocks everywhere

Landing on Mars
Looking around
Lots of craters and dust  

Triple Chocolate Cake - Group Poem

I am eating a triple chocolate cake,
That is bigger than my head.
It is sweeter than the sweetest sherbet,
I have it served with cream.

I am eating a triple chocolate cake,
That is bigger than my head.
Let’s cut it up and share it,
I hope everyone will like it.

I am eating a triple chocolate cake,
That is bigger than my head.
The people that came for the party,
Ate it all instead!  

Landing on CYPERTRONZ - by Ankur ( P3)

Floating in the air
Exploring the dusty planet
Feeling extremely hot!!

Hearing too much
People on Earth talking to me
Our spaceship’s blaring sirens!!

Looking all around
Stars and comets shining like fireflies
Collecting rocks that smell of stinky socks!!

Honey -  Group Poem

Honey, bees make it
Never expires
A sticky, sweet substance
Super scrumptious on toast!

Honey made of nectar
Runny like your nose
That’s funny!
Yummy in my tummy!

Honey put it in your yoghurt
Sprinkle it over blueberries
Eat it when you want

Honey, honey, honey
What’s the name
Of that delicious syrup?


SHOCKED! - by Zahra (P4)

On Mars, I was feeling brave
Like a bird floating
An amazed dog, a wowed cat
I was shocked!

On Mars, I could see craters
Mars Dust, mind blowing Earth rises
Our colourful solar system
Rockets, meteorites, the twinkling of a hundred stars
I was shocked!

On Mars, I could hear the noisy raider in my helmet bleeping
The sound of rust cackling like a witch
The heaving of my suit
I was shocked!

On Mars, I tasted the delicious frozen food
Blueberries, strawberries and bananas too
I smelt the candy floss scented Mars Dust
The horrible toilet
The new smell of my rocket and the fresh plants on the Moon
I was shocked!

On Mars, I planted a flag with my name on
Discovered little aliens, they were cute
Found my country, then my home.
Lonely and anxious and a bit tired too

I went back to the spaceship
But I was still…


Kathryn Beevor Assistant Head (Academic) and Head, 11/02/2019