P3 and P4's adventure to Walsingham 

From a pilgrim staying in Walsingham at the same time as the QHS group!
From an ordinary pilgrim, may I mention that these children were a credit to the teachers with them and also to the school. They were so well behaved, well-mannered and very polite. It was a joy to listen to their innocent laughter and enthusiasm in the Refectory. They obviously enjoyed their stay.

Thank you so much for organising the school trip away to Walsingham, it was absolutely brilliant! I particularly loved the Anglo-Saxon village where I was able to experience how people lived at that time. It made me realise how lucky we all are in today’s world and how we can take for granted the comforts available to us, such as running water, brick buildings, soft furniture, electric appliances, comfy beds, electricity and shops to buy delicious food.

Castle Acre was extremely exciting, and I had great fun walking around and imagining what life must have been like to live in a castle. Although the dungeons must have been a really scary place!

Learning about the different clothes worn by the different classes was very interesting and I felt really sorry for the slaves as they were treated extremely badly and unfairly. Thankfully things have certainly changed over time.

The Church visit for me was the best part of the trip as I got to learn all about Christianity. I really loved learning about the faith and what is involved during a baptism service. The drink was very tasty as well! I really enjoyed helping the priest to carry the water, especially pouring it onto the priest's hands.

Once again thank you so much for this amazing school trip! I am so grateful to all the wonderful teachers and people who we met over our 2-day trip. It was my first night away from home (other than staying with family) and I was made to feel very welcome. I really loved the trip, especially the bacon sandwich that we had on Friday morning.

walshingham trip group pic

At West Stow, the museum was amazing!  They let us try on helmets, robes and belts so we could feel like a real Anglo-Saxon.  I also had a lot of fun exploring the Anglo-Saxon village and houses and seeing how they lived.
My two favourite things in the village were the Sunken House and the Loom Weights.

At Walsingham, I felt happy when I visited the Shrine as it was very peaceful and my favourite thing was when we attended the mass and said a prayer to Mary and Angel Gabriel.  After that, we got blessed by the priest who sprinkled us with holy water, put a cross on our forehead and poured holy water in our hands.

It was a great experience as it was the first time I stayed away from home by myself! I had the best room with some amazing paintings on the walls, the food was delicious and, of course, I learnt a lot of new things, especially about the Anglo -Saxons. I was not sure how I would feel being away from home but now I can’t wait till the next trip! I wonder where I’ll get to go and what I’ll get to see!

walshingham school trip

It was a very exciting and joyful trip. At West Stow, I loved exploring the helmets, swords, armours of the soldiers in the Anglo Saxon Army at the museum and then got the opportunity to see their houses as well.

At Walsingham, I liked when we were allowed to feel the Holy water in our hands and then we even got a sip of the Holy water in the Church at Walsingham. The lunch at Walsingham was very tasty and I wished if I could have had a second serving :-)

I enjoyed staying at the Hotel in Walsingham with my friends. It was my first experience of spending a night away from my parents. I was a bit worried initially, but I was happy as I was having a wonderful time with my friends and teachers.

I would like to thank all my teachers, Coach driver, Tour guides, Father Kevin, Father Andreas, Dinner ladies at Walsingham, Hotel staff, all my school friends and also my parents for this memorable trip.

I am looking forward to more trips with my QHS friends.

walshingham trip

It was really exciting when we saw our big, comfy rooms. I felt so scared and nervous when we got onto the bridge of the ruins because there were big ditches and I thought I was going to fall.  We also played with my flying frisbees. It was really awesome how it soared into the sky high and far above us!

P3 and P4 went on a one night residential trip to West stow and Walsingham. We did lots of fun activities there such as climbing hills, drama and exploring. Also the food there was appetizing and out of this world! I had a marvellous time at West Stow and Walsingham and I hope I go again.

walshingham trip food

I really enjoyed the trip. In West Stow, I learnt that the big houses were called the halls and the small houses were called the sunken houses.

As we were driving we saw lots of pigs when we got closer to Walsingham, it was entertaining to see them.

I was excited and fascinated to see the Anglo-Saxons houses. They were huts made of wood with roofs thatched with straw. The Anglo-Saxons houses had no glass inside their windows. 

It was so much fun sharing a room with my friends. The food was awesome too! I really enjoyed looking at all the Tudor buildings and learning about the people who lived there, although having to dress up as Henry VIII was a bit embarrassing!

I was very happy to go to Walsingham trip with my class and teachers. I was so excited to go and at the same time I felt sad. The reason for this, that I was leaving my family and it was my first time to leave them.

The actual trip itself was very AMAZING. First of all, the food was amazing. Also all the teachers were so kind and warm. They have checked on us especially at bedtime which made me feel more safe and comfortable. The Walsingham Abbey was a beautiful scene to see and visit. I loved the fact that there were faces on it and I would like to recommend this trip for every pupil in QHS.