More Able Writers' Day  

able writers day

Last month, a group of boys from Prep 7 and Prep 8 attended a More Able Writers’ Day at Stanmore Library, led by the famous comedy performance poet, Neal Zetter. They produced a wonderful array of poetry, some individually and some in groups. Performance poetry is written to be read aloud so the boys experimented with techniques that maximize the effects of the words on the listener. Thank you to Mrs Alwaheidi for accompanying the boys. Here are some examples of their work:

Chewing Gum – A Group Poem

Chewing gum is really sticky,
You can stick it in your hair!
Chewing gum is really fruity,
All the great flavours are there.

Chewing gum is really cheap,
Without it, you will always weep.
Chewing-gum is the best,
It’ll always be above the rest!

Touchdown! – by Aryan, Prep 8

I touched down on the moon,
We reached here in a zoom!
I saw craters in the ground,
And rocks as I looked around.
I was as proud as one can be,
It was unbelievable, it was me!
Standing on the moon,
Not knowing morning, evening, noon.
I looked up at the stars,
And I looked at planet Mars.
The Sun was the only source of light,
The only light that was in sight!
I collected rocks of all the sizes,
Because I knew there were no prices!

The Once in a Lifetime Journey – by Hady, Prep 8
The one step, that one step
Described everything I need to know
I felt light, strange, unusual
By that one step

Excited, anxious, curious
I took a few more steps
And then I noticed everything

The jumps were elongated by the low gravity
As I was in the air I viewed the moon from above
Then I looked up, the luminous starts were ecstatic
Lighting up the material on which I walk

And finally, I took one last enduring step
On which I saw my miniature planet Earth
On which I took off from and came to this planet
I will soon return to my planet,
Hopefully, someday I will come back.

The First Man – by Mahdy, Prep 8
We had finally landed
This was an opportunity well granted
I took my first step on the ground
There was nothing all around
I was so lonely but yet so proud
To this accomplishment, I bowed
There was no time to be measured
Yet this was a moment to always be treasured
For once the earth was rising
But it was still so agonising
Knowing I might not make it back
Everything around me was black
I checked for other life, anything I could find
For this was a step for man, but a giant leap for mankind.

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