P3 Geographers go into Space  

P3 Geography space
P3 have got off to a great start in their new topic, Earth and Space. They explored the Earth, Sun and Moon as approximately spherical bodies. They developed their enquiry skills by using a variety of spheres to predict what their relative sizes would be. Once they looked at a table and we scaled down their sizes, they were all shocked to learn that if the Sun was the size of a basketball then the Earth would roughly be the size of a pea and the Moon would be as small as a peppercorn! 
The children then learned about the order of the planets in our Solar System and their relative sizes. They had to work together to create a 'fruit Solar System' by calculating which planet would be represented by each fruit. 
In their next lesson, P3 conducted some more research about the different planets. As we were unable to travel to Outer Space within our lesson, Outer Space came to our classroom instead! The children really enjoyed exploring the different planets in detail using augmented reality and produced some very good work. Well done P3!

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