Souper Chefs in the EYFS  

The Nursery and Reception children have been concentrating on developing their culinary skills . In Nursery, the children have really enjoyed making bread. They mixed together flour, butter, milk powder, salt, yeast and water to form a dough. They then eagerly waited for the bread to cook in Mrs May's bread maker. Once ready the children enjoyed tasting their bread with acacia honey and butter. In Reception, the children excitedly made soup as they have been learning about autumn and winter vegetables. As the adults chopped the vegetables, the children supported the staff by collecting the peels and skins, mixing the vegetables together and adding the chopped vegetables to the soup maker. They learnt about vegetable growth and the process to get them ready to sell in supermarkets. During their afternoon snack the children all tried the soup.

Some of the children even had three cups!