Shine Night Walk Marathon for Cancer Research September 2019 

Four parents of our children participated in the Shine Night Walk Marathon for Cancer Research in September. You can read the extract below to find out more:

I have always wanted to do a Marathon so when the opportunity to do the Shine Night Walk came I wholeheartedly took it. Thankfully my friends are as crazy as I am and they agreed to do it too. This was the start of the Dream Team – Manju, Bharti, Ann Mary and Bhavna. Our target was to raise £250 each, aiming for £1000 total as a Team. We began our Facebook and Whats App campaigns and the sponsorships began to roll in. Our packs arrived with the signature T-shirts, entry numbers and maps.  We tried to train as much as we could given the time constraints of work and family life. Before we knew it the day had arrived.

We had a late lunch with our families in Harrow and then we set off towards Southwark Park. We met several people on the way wearing the same T-shirts, all keen and eager to get to the start line. Once we arrived, the atmosphere was incredible. Ten thousand people from all walks of life, united, ready to take on this challenge and raise as much money possible to combat Cancer. Reading the backs of people’s T-shirts, seeing photographs of lost loved ones and their reasons for doing this was so inspiring.

The canons blew and finally we were off. Walking past landmarks, taking selfies on the way and looking out for the important yellow signs telling us what mile we had reached. London is absolutely beautiful at night. There were pit stops every four miles that became increasingly important as the night went on. The volunteers were amazing and they cheered us on at every turn. 

We comfortably reached thirteen miles - half waypoint. Energy levels and morale were still high. Thirteen to seventeen miles the aches, pains and blisters started. Pit stops for painkillers and plasters became more frequent. Twenty miles is when we hit a wall. Twenty to twenty three  miles we managed to keep talking, singing, boosting each other to just keep walking. Twenty-three to Twenty-six was the hardest part. Plus the rain came to greet us as well. Walking past the London Eye and seeing the London Skyline at sunrise was truly breathtaking. It was so calm and peaceful. We reached the 26 miles yellow sign and all the hardships were forgotten. We made it to the finish line. Our time was 12:29:35.

We would like to thank everyone who sponsored us. We are delighted to announce that we have raised £2228. This has been the most physically and emotionally exhausting exercise related challenge that we have ever done. Definitely a Bucket List event for us! 

Manju, Bharti, Ann Mary, Bhavna 

shine night walk half marathon