It's Pantomime time... 

Reception, PP1 and PP2 had a wonderfully festive day out at the Theatre Royal in Windsor to see the Pantomime Cinderella.

They were amazed by the live musicians, sumptuous costumes, talented dance crew and impressive staging. At one point Cinderella's carriage lifted off the stage as it magically flew through the air pulled by a unicorn. 

The staff thoroughly enjoyed the 'Strictly' puns as Debbie McGee took on the role of the Fairy Godmother. The performance was of course hilarious. Some of the pupil's favourite comedic moments were when the cast sang the edited version of the twelve days of Christmas, which featured 'five toilet rolls' instead of gold rings and when poor Miss Young was soaked by water pistols. The theatre staff commented on ho


w well-behaved our pupils were.