Chapel 2Quainton Hall School is a religious foundation, firmly rooted in the Church of England, and owned by the College of Guardians of the Shrine of Our Lady in Walsingham (an Anglican Shrine in North Norfolk dedicated to Mary, the Mother of Jesus).  Since the 1950’s the school has had, at its heart, a chapel (dedicated to St. Francis of Assisi) where daily prayer and worship used to take place.

Although we are a Christian organisation, our worship addresses God in the widest sense possible, and we try to celebrate in some way the festivals of all the faiths represented in our wonderfully diverse community. 

In all our chapel sessions, Bible readings, prayers, songs, familiar stories and illustrations are geared towards explaining right from wrong.  Children are encouraged to bring their own intercessions to the chapel, where the whole community has the opportunity to join in prayer together.

Our children represent the ethnic and faith diversity of the Harrow area very well, and we are proud to regularly have been described as a “school of faith”.