Nursery Registration Form

  • Nursery Registration

    Please complete this form as fully as possible. If there are any sections you prefer not to answer (i.e. religion or ethnicity), please do indicate this in the answer fields.Once you have completed and sent this form, Quainton Hall will contact you by email / telephone with information about next steps, which will include a request for:
    • £125 non-refundable registration fee (by cheque or bank transfer)
    • a copy of the child's passport
    • details of any physical disability or special educational needs

  • Month / Year

  • Child's Details

  • DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • Additional Needs In order for the School to comply with its obligations under the Disability Discrimination Act, please detail the candidate’s known disabilities, using an extra sheet if necessary:Quainton Hall School has a well-deserved reputation for the excellence of our special educational needs support which is provided at an additional cost. In order to ensure that all candidates are supported appropriately you must make the School aware of any known educational need or learning difficulty (such as dyslexia). Disclosing a special need will not influence the School’s selection process however failure to disclose may lead to the withdrawal of an offered place if the support required goes beyond that which the School can reasonably provide.

  • Parent / Guardian Details

    In the following sections we ask for details of both the child's father and mother. Please complete both or just one section as is appropriate to you.

  • Father's Details

  • Mother's Details

  • Extra Information

    Please check as many as are relevant
    Please check as many as are relevant
  • I/We hereby register my/our child for possible admission to Quainton Hall Nursery.I/We understand the Terms and Conditions of entry to Quainton Hall will be sent at the time that an offer of a place is made, but are available earlier, if requested, on application from the Registrar.I/We understand Quainton Hall will now make contact to request a non-refundable registration fee, a copy of the child's passport and information about disability and special educational needs.