Inspection and Good Schools Guide

The quality of the pupils’ academic and other achievements is excellent

  • Pupils show excellent subject knowledge, understanding and skills across all areas of the curriculum facilitated by very good teacher knowledge and planning.
  • Pupils’ study skills are excellent. They concentrate extremely well in their lessons
  • Pupils’ attitudes to work are outstanding. They are extremely focused and show a very high desire to achieve in whatever activity in which they are involved.
  • Pupils’ knowledge and skills in numeracy are high

The quality of the pupils’ personal development is excellent

  • Pupils display a high level of maturity in making decisions which affect their future. Pupils have an excellent ability to judge what is right and wrong and act accordingly.
  • In all age-groups pupils are unfailingly polite, courteous and pleasantly confident. Their attitude to learning is enhanced by a strong degree of resilience; their first action on encountering a problem is to try to work it out for themselves rather than ask.
  • Pupils’ social skills are of a high quality because leaders and governors have high expectations and have worked hard to ensure that these are embedded.

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What The Good Schools Guide says…

  • The curriculum, delivered by knowledgeable and experienced staff, runs roughly along National Curriculum lines, but one step ahead.
  • A positive, upbeat school with high academic standards and a warm family atmosphere, producing well-balanced, confident all-rounders.
  • Good range of clubs from reception, and working parents welcome the wrap-around care – as well as the overall family atmosphere.